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Founded in 1949, Rhayader Motor Club originated from modest origins, organising Scrambles and Trials events.

About Rhayader MC

Established in 1949, Rhayader Motor Club started from humble beginnings running Scrambles and Trials events.

Through the years they have developed into one of the leading clubs in Wales, running four World Trials Championship rounds in the 70’s and a World Enduro Championship round in 1992. The club has also organised an Inter Centre Team Trial, British Championship Enduros and countless Motocross events.

They are also one of very few clubs in Britain to purchase their own Motocross course, reinventing motocross into a summer evening spectacle at their Cwmythig Hill race circuit. 

2024 will see the return of the World Enduro GP for the club in August, Cwmythig is currently undergoing a major revamp with a new road, building & paddock to bring it up to world level standard.

The Enduro GP Coming Soon

Gear up for the EnduroGP of Wales on August 2-4, 2024, a three-day event of world-class motorsport. Join, Rhayader MC, Saintswell Events and Enduro21 for an adrenaline-fueled weekend, featuring top-tier riders conquering challenging terrain.

Spectator Tickets NOW AVAILABLE!

Upcoming Events​

Rhayader Motor Club is well-known for its Wales-based events, ranging from thrilling Hare ‘n Hounds days to the immensely popular motocross evenings. Whether you’re a spectator or a rider, our events cater to everyone.

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